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Our Focus and Approach

Welcome To The Life Enrichment Counseling & Therapy Center

Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy Services … Focused On Helping People Live Enriched Lives

We offer a wide variety of services for Individuals – Families – Children – Adolescents – Groups – Women’s Issues – Men’s Issues
Stress – Grief – Depression – Christian – Spiritual – CouplesMarriage – Substance Abuse and Anxiety Issues


The Life Enrichment Counseling Center is focused on inspiring people to live more fulfilling lives and to step into their wholeness.

Our goal is to support you during difficult periods in your life and to stand beside you to help you make the right choices and to help you get professional help for yourself, your family or your loved-ones whenever you are encountering any kind of mental or emotional pain.


The therapists and counselors of Life Enrichment Counseling are committed to providing holistic services to our clientele. The counseling and therapy services we provide address the total needs of our clients, including their psychological, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our facilities are warm and inviting and conducive to emotional growth and development.