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Couples Therapy | Counseling Options

The Life Enrichment Counseling Center (LECC) offers couples therapy options for those seeking regularly scheduled weekly sessions. LECC clinicians are highly trained to assist couples needing specialized care and guidance in how to establish loving, mutually rewarding partnerships. We also offer these structured programs for those wanting to highlight certain areas of improved relationship satisfaction.

  1. Pre-marital Counseling– A private 4 week intimacy success relationship series for promoting marital happiness.  Topics covered include: establishing safe emotional boundaries, clarifying issues of safety and clear communication, collaborative “win-win” negotiation, and the establishment of mutually rewarding intimacy practices.
  1. Couples Therapy for Enhanced Communication– This 6 week program assists partners in changing old destructive forms of interaction. Couples learn and refine communication secrets for ensuring successful expression of each partner’s thoughts, feelings, and requests for joint co-operation.  The result is everyone is responsible for sharing their deepest desires and knowing how to achieve happiness in negotiating relationship activities.
  1. Attachment Repair for Affair Recovery– A confidential 6-8 week structured therapy program for guiding couples recovering from relationship injuries including: extra-marital affairs and other broken trust issues in the relationship.  Emphasis is placed on assisting couples with exploring and practicing principles of mutual accountability for avoiding future injury.
  1. Imago Couples Therapy– This type of therapy approach shows couples how to reconnect by using a new way of talking together, called the Imago dialogue. It’s a way of listening and speaking which helps you learn more about each other.  Imago therapy focuses on building trust in relationships by teaching communication skills which very quickly create a feeling of safety. Many couples immediately experience an opportunity to connect more deeply with their partners, helping them to appreciate them more, and revive the passion and hope in their relationship. 12 – 16 week sessions are recommended for this type of therapy.
  1. Customized One-to-One Intensive Couples Therapy– Three hour sessions are customized for assisting couples wanting intense “hands-on” training for immediate relationship transformation. Private sessions are available for partners wanting to get back on track in a hurry with clearly defined guidelines for creating new relationship patterns of intimacy and emotional safety.