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Therapist / Counselor Barbara Purdy, MA, LPC

Barbara Purdy, MA, LPC (Gainesville Office and Manassas Office)

“Stressors from everyday living can be daunting. For every difficulty there is a solution. I believe it is within us all to become empowered and lead happy, productive lives. Sometimes we just need some extra support to reach our goals. My favorite part about being a psychotherapist is helping people realize their strengths and become empowered to lead healthy lives. This power is within all of us. We just need to find it.

I have a very eclectic background in the mental health field. I have worked with severely mentally challenged adults. I have also worked with Substance Abusers extensively. More recently my focus has been on children and adolescents. I took art therapy in graduate school and love to use art as a therapeutic tool. I have worked exclusively with children and adolescents for the past 3 years. In addition to art therapy I enjoy using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Because we are all a product of the messages we tell ourselves, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps children and adolescents become aware of and change any negative messages into positive messages. In Play therapy, I help children and adolescents deal with their feelings through the use of sand tray therapy. Because children are rarely able to access their feelings, these therapies work to help children become empowered in their own rite. To me, it is very exciting to see children and adolescents work through their issues through play.

In addition to the aforementioned therapies, I always use Systems Therapy. Systems Therapy concentrates on the family and other systems, such as school. Because none of us lives in a vacuum, Systems Therapy is always relevant. For example, I may be treating a child and feel the need to have the whole family come in for a session or two. To sum it up, I use all of the above therapies in tantamount with each other. The most person in therapy is the client, and my main goal is to help clients live happy, productive, and healthy lives.”

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