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Therapist / Counselor Brian Sheaffer, MSW, Social Work Supervisee

Brian Sheaffer, MSW, Social Work Supervisee (Alexandria Office; Online Therapy)
“I enjoy working with children, teens, and young adults. I support clients who are facing challenging situations and provide the necessary tools to support them in their healing journey. These situations can include difficulties in parent-child conflict, academic challenges, or traumatic childhood experiences. Since each person is unique, these challenges may create a variety of symptoms. I view symptoms as road maps to healing. Developing skills that work and practicing judgment-free awareness and acceptance of those “symptoms” enables us to change and grow.

After the recent events over the last few years, I have become even more passionate about serving children and youth through Play Therapy. I am also trained in Level I Breathwork to help reduce anxiety in clients. I use a person-centered approach with adolescents and young adults to help them take charge of their healing journey so that they can explore another way of being in session, as well as outside of it.

My approach to therapy emphasizes the client’s strengths, as this is a valuable part of the therapeutic process. It should be celebrated as a strength when clients take their first step into therapy, as it will form the foundation for all further steps. I remind clients that they are not alone in their life’s journey and that it is an honor to play a role in it.

Outside of his practice, he spends time sharpening his creative skills, playing hockey, and spending time with his family.”

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