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Therapist / Counselor Mercedes Alonso, MSW, Social Work Supervisee

Mercedes Alonso, MSW, Social Work SuperviseeMercedes Alonso, MSW, Social Work Supervisee (Gainesville Office; Online Therapy)

“One of the guiding principles that I share with families and individuals is to show up for yourself. Therapy is about working collaborative and my goal is to help individuals and families unlock their full potential by instilling hope and promoting transformation. I support clients in their journey of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth and development.

My focus point is to help clients explore underlying issues and address those issues in a compassionate manner by fostering healing. I believe that clients move towards their goals through self-awareness and the therapeutic process while cultivating acceptance, growth, responsibility, and ultimately making better choices.

My therapeutic style can be described as an integrated approach to solutions, an authentic passion to see a person succeed and overcome stuck points, unconditional positive regard, empathetic understanding, and welcoming.”

I have worked with clients involved in the criminal justice system, child welfare, males, adults, and families. I also have expertise in domestic violence. My goal is to help empower individuals.”

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