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Therapist / Counselor Beverley Boothe, MSW, LCSW

Miles Diller, Ph.D. (Gainesville and Alexandria Offices – Psychological Testings/Evaluations only)

“I believe every child deserves a good education and that every school should design a program that enhances a child’s potential. Towards that end, I help parents determine what issue may be affecting their child’s learning (attention, learning problems, emotional or social issues), and help them advocate with the school. Parents do not always realize how much power they have in the school system, and how to use that power.

Attention problems can affect a child or adolescent in many ways, including class participation and academic focus, but ADHD can also impact emotional well-being, social skills and interest, and create behavioral problems. Untreated or undertreated ADHD can led to oppositionality, legal problems, and other problems with controlling impulses. Learning problems (learning disability) can often be solved through proper academic programming, behavioral tracking and reward systems.”

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