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Adolescent Therapy & Counseling

Adolescent Counseling and Therapy (Counselor | Therapists) serving Gainesville, Alexandria – in Northern Virginia and in Washington, DC and surrounding Areas.

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Adolescents generally find it difficult to eloquently verbalize their feelings. They are often overwhelmed and even confused by the number of complex feelings that come as they move toward adulthood. However, for teens, most conflicts involve differences between family members or issues over expectations of parents, in addition to peer and school pressures.

For adolescents, the approach of the therapist needs to reflect their current life experiences Therefore, “talk therapy” combined with other forms of therapy or activities, such as, play therapy, and role-plays, usually proves to be more effective with adolescents. These forms of therapy allow symbolic expression of internal conflicts.

Their challenges may range from intentional and learning problems to abuse issues, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and family discord, to name only a few.

What to Do :

Immediately, when a problem or issue is noticed, parents should think about which type of adolescent therapy is most appropriate for their teen. Adolescent therapy may include a diagnostic evaluation, individual therapy, and/or group counseling. Some of the characteristics that most frequently describe the need for adolescent therapy are:

  • Depression, sometimes resulting in suicidal gestures or attempts
  • Inability to form positive relationships with peers or adults may call for adolescent therapy
  • Oppositional and/or aggressive behavior toward parents and authority figures
  • Incidents of running from home and/or chronic truancy
  • Adolescent therapy is needed when youngsters engage in excessive risk-taking
  • Delinquent acting-out
  • Substance abuse also calls for adolescent therapy
  • Sexual acting-out
  • Lack of motivation regarding educational/vocational goals

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Our Adolescents Counseling services are facilitated by the following therapists:

Mercedes Alonso, MSW, Social Work Supervisee (Gainesville, Online Therapy)
Mark A. Boothe, LICSW, LCSW (Alexandria Office, Online Therapy)
Ali Cooper, LCSW (Gainesville Office, Online Therapy)
Maria Fahrion, MA, LPC (Online Therapy)
Dr. Bhavani R. Hamann, Ph.D., MPSW, MMPSW, Social Work Supervisee (Alexandria Office, Online Therapy)
Davida Johnson, MSW, Social Work Supervisee (Gainesville, Online Therapy)
Shevy Kana, MA, LPC (Gainesville VA Office, Online Therapy)
Jaana Kilkki, MA, ATR-BC (Gainesville Office)
Jocelyn Lovett, LMFT (Online Therapy)
Laura Phillips, MSW, LCSW (Alexandria Office, Online Therapy)
Emily Sanders (Online Therapy)
Brian Sheaffer, MSW, Social Work Supervisee (Alexandria Office; Gainesville Office; Online Therapy)
Lorna Tempest, LPC, LMFT (Online Therapy)
Donna Thurston (Online Therapy)
Ashley Wise, LMFT (Gainesville Office, Online Therapy)
Tiffinee S. Yancey Ph.D., LPC, ACS, HS-BCP, BC-TMH (Online Therapy)


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