“I have worked in the mental health field as a professional counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over five years. Previously an educator, I was moved by my passion for helping others undergo their journey of transformation and healing.

My philosophy of counseling is founded on the belief that individuals have the potential to heal and transform their own lives and achieve wellbeing. I also believe that counseling is a process, and that with work, time and collaboration, individuals can overcome the many challenges they face at any given time in their lives.

I work with individuals of all ages and have worked with various populations; offering hope and help to those facing their own individual challenges. I work from a humanistic foundation; most specifically, a person-centered, reality theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches.

I specialize in anxiety and depressive disorders, stress management, adjustment disorders, trauma, childhood disorders, as well as substance disorders, intimate partner violence, and military readjustment issues. I am also bilingual in English and Spanish and work to bring counseling services to the Spanish speaking population in our community, which many times go under served.

Most importantly, I work for you. It is my hope I can walk with you through your own journey toward healing, change, and wellness.”