“Life can and will have its challenges. The way we cope with these challenges can be our greatest gift if we equip ourselves with the mindset that we have already conquered them.”

It is imperative that we understand our story, know that we are responsible for our own mental health, and plan to act resiliently so ensure optimal success. I have been a social servant since 2000. My life has been devoted to helping people get their basic needs met and have an abundant life. My main approach is to help people see that their story is designed specifically for them and that they are the only one that can put limitations on it. I love to find the positive side of a situation and if I cannot find that then I like to determine how the experience can benefit the trajectory of life plans.

As a school and Christian counselor, I enjoy helping individuals unpack their own baggage and then neatly repacking what they need for the next journey or throwing out items that they find no longer useful. I enjoy listening more than talking because I think it is imperative that clients take ownership in their individual healing and mental health. I love serving as a guide to help individuals navigate the rocky time. To do this I integrate all facets of an individual’s life and use evidence-based strategies to work collaboratively and respectfully with the client in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

At the conclusion of counseling sessions, it is my hope that individuals understand the contributions they make to their healing and wholeness. Life’s transitions, losses, hurts, perceived setbacks, and other challenges do not have to be permanent stops in the journey of life. Together it is my hope that we can build in areas that want to be strengthened; develop solutions and support systems that are sustaining and versatile to help weather various storms; and gain deeper understanding and appreciation for life’s journey. I will honor where each client is in their healing and I will always plan for a healthy and satisfied outcome as it is my utmost priority to offer a safe, compassionate, professional environment that challenges clients to unwrap those gifts and use them in the next stage and adventure in their lives. It is a privilege and honor to be a stamp in any of my client’s passport to healthy well-being”.