“Utilizing my 8 years of experience as a music therapist paired with my belief in a pluralistic approach to treatment, I will work with you to develop a unique and personalized treatment plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle. I prioritize creating a warm, safe, and non-judgmental space for you to explore different possibilities, paths, and solutions. We will focus on creating a space of vulnerability and growth at your pace.

I believe strongly in meeting my clients where they are at, which means I approach each session with a flexible and open mindset. There will be times where we speak very little, times where we engage in creative interventions, and times where all we do is talk. My job is to support you however you need in the moment.

I look forward to working with you or your family member as we strive to uncover a better way of living.”

~ “You cannot have a problem without first having the idea that a solution is possible” (de Shazer).