“I understand the importance and courage of seeking professional help when there’s such a stigma associated with mental health. I believe in utilizing evidence-based practices to help individuals cope with mental health challenges in a meaningful way.

My interest in mental health counseling began as a young adult, I witnessed my community dealing with poverty, violence, and mental health issues. For this reason, I chose to study social work, so that I could help those in need and make a positive impact in my community.

I worked in medical clinics, schools, and local government in DC and Northern Virginia. I have also worked in clinical, schools, and social service agencies supporting diverse populations, including immigrants, children, families, adults, and the aging.

I feel confident that my skills and experiences as a therapist enables me to connect with clients and build trusting relationships to foster change. It’s incredibly humbling and fulfilling for me to see clients navigate life transitions and live a more fulfilled life. “