The well-being and mental health of children and teenagers can be significantly impacted by changes in emotion and behavior. Taking care of one’s mental health is essential since stress and anxiety have a direct impact on a person’s family and community. By addressing these concerns, one can improve their relationships with friends, family, and classmates as well as their entire social life.

This blog focuses on the symptoms of mental health issues in kids and teens as well as methods you can use to reduce these symptoms.

Symptoms of Stress and Depression in Children and Adolescents

It’s normal, especially for children and teens, to show different behavior as it could be just a phase or an age factor. But identifying whether the certain behavior is temporary or needs some serious attention is crucial.

There are a few signs that might help parents and teachers recognize when a child needs extra care and time, to boost their mental health and manage anxiety.

• Excessively defensive and aggressive behavior.
• Irritability, sadness, and extreme mood swings are common signs of depression.
• Do not perform well academically. Constant drop in grades.
• Isolated behavior (withdrawal from friends and family or always avoiding social gatherings).
• Suicidal and self-harming thoughts.
• Low appetite or move to unhealthy eating choices.
• Change in sleep pattern.
• More complaints of physical ailments such as headache, stomachache, and fatigue.

Techniques to Reduce Depression Symptoms in Children and Teens

1. Counseling

Counseling or talk therapy engages the child in healthy communication with the therapist. It helps the child to talk about their situation openly.

Instead of giving advice, a therapist encourages the child or adolescent to approach the issue positively. This will support the child or adolescent in making their own decisions and identifying the best solution to their issues.

2. Creative Therapies

Playing, dance, music, and art are a few forms of creative therapy that are considered great for both children and adolescents. It supports the resolution of emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal issues.

The counselor can make a more accurate assessment of the child or adolescent’s feelings and thoughts by using art and play therapy. These exercises can also aid in improving the manner that kids and teenagers communicate.

3. Family Therapy

Since a child’s family is their closest connection, they can significantly aid in overcoming obstacles and enhancing their quality of life.

Family therapy sessions encourage the family members to understand each other’s points of view, experiences, constructive discussions, and ways to support each other and solve problems together.

4. Anger and Stress Management

Anger is a normal emotional response, but the problem lies in the violent expression of this emotion.

Extreme episodes of anger can be handled with anger and stress management therapy through mindset shift which leads to better control over it.

Behavior therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and a few practical skills on how to react in a state of anger or stress greatly help children and teens to control their temper.



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