November 2022

Anxiety Busters: Taking Control of your Thoughts

When anxiety becomes too extensive, it can become a real handicap in your daily life. You worry about everything and everyone, sometimes reasonably, sometimes for no particular reason, you stress a lot about the slightest change in your daily life and you often talk about being afraid without really understanding why. No doubt about it, you are an anxious person, but rest assured, treating anxiety is entirely possible. Here are some solutions to help. Key #1: Awareness You must first work on your thoughts to treat your anxiety since only then can you offer reason to the internal conflicts and [...]

Adolescents and Self-Harm Prevention

Teenagers typically struggle to communicate their feelings when transitioning into adulthood, which can cause confusion and an overabundance of complicated emotions. Adolescents may engage in self-harm when there is no other outlet for their frustration. The most frequent patterns, which indicate that the adolescent is having difficulty coping with intense emotions may include cutting, scratching, burning, and punching. This article explains the signs, causes, methods of prevention, and parental responsibilities around self-harm. Why Do Adolescents Self-Harm? Teenagers who self-harm often do so for a variety of reasons. 1. Lack of Support One of the main difficulties that leads to mental [...]