Online Therapy

Beverley Boothe, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW

“At Life Enrichment Counseling Center, we are committed to providing you and/or your family with the support and compassion that is important to you in your time of need. We are all resilient and have the desire and ability heal and lead fulfilling, meaningful and lives. However, there are times and situations where we need professional help to overcome devastating feelings and life events. I fully appreciate that, and I look forward to personally meeting with you and will strive to do my best to help you and/or your family find the best solutions for your situation. I bring over 20 [...]

Babak Alidoosti, MS, LMFT

“The most significant predictor of successful therapy is feeling like you have a strong therapeutic alliance with your therapist. If you don’t feel that you and your therapist are a good fit, it’s going to be tough to feel good about the work you are doing. This is why I strive to connect with each of my clients and understand the unique circumstances and concerns that have brought them to therapy. I attempt to make sure that every one of my clients feels heard, understood, and positive about the therapeutic journey they are embarking on. I’ve had the pleasure of [...]

Mark A. Boothe, LICSW, LCSW

“Our life journey is often complex, and can be comprised of twists, turns, bumps, gridlocks, and detours. As time steadily progresses, we all experience one form or another of the many complexities comprised of life journey. Most importantly, I firmly believe, how we as human beings choose to navigate this complex journey will profoundly impact our ability to live a healthier, happier and emotionally stable life. As your therapist, my underlining goal is to work in a collaborative and respectful manner to assist you in this rewarding journey towards emotional stability, improved health and happiness. Whether you are experiencing problems [...]

Chris Bradshaw, LPC

“I see the role of a counselor as someone who walks with their clients on a journey of personal growth. My guiding principle as a counselor is to meet clients where they are and help them become the best version of themselves. My goal as a counselor is to support clients in their journey of healing with compassion and without judgment, and empower them with the tools they need to work through their challenges. I encourage self-awareness, assertive communication skills, healthy boundaries, conflict resolution skills, multidimensional self-care, and coping techniques. Feel free to reach out to begin your journey of [...]

Brandie Chaney, MSW, LCSW

“Brandie’s ideal client is an individual yearning for change; someone who may be currently hopeless but is motivated to make the changes they need. She believes that we all can live the life we dream of if we tap into the best parts of ourselves. She has worked with clients involved with the criminal justice system, juvenile court, and child welfare systems. Past clients have included those coping with homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, depression, anxiety, parenting issues, loss, grief, and domestic violence. She understands the impact of stress and wants her clients to be equipped to manage challenging situations without [...]

Krystal Clarke, M. Ed., Resident in Counseling

“Utilizing my 8 years of experience as a music therapist paired with my belief in a pluralistic approach to treatment, I will work with you to develop a unique and personalized treatment plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle. I prioritize creating a warm, safe, and non-judgmental space for you to explore different possibilities, paths, and solutions. We will focus on creating a space of vulnerability and growth at your pace. I believe strongly in meeting my clients where they are at, which means I approach each session with a flexible and open mindset. There will be times where [...]

Ali Cooper, LCSW

“I believe every person has value and something meaningful to offer those around them. As a therapist, I strive to meet your child and family in whatever challenges you may be facing by creating a warm and comfortable therapeutic environment. I use a strengths-based, solution-focused, and family systems approach, and work collaboratively with you to develop realistic goals aimed at strengthening your family. “I specialize in working with children, adolescents, and young adults (up to age 22) with varying social/emotional challenges, including issues related to Autism Spectrum Disorders, anxiety, trauma, anger management, depression, and difficult behaviors. Therapy sessions are creatively [...]

Dr. Monique Cowell, Ed.D., LGPC, Resident in Counseling

“Life can and will have its challenges. The way we cope with these challenges can be our greatest gift if we equip ourselves with the mindset that we have already conquered them.” It is imperative that we understand our story, know that we are responsible for our own mental health, and plan to act resiliently so ensure optimal success. I have been a social servant since 2000. My life has been devoted to helping people get their basic needs met and have an abundant life. My main approach is to help people see that their story is designed specifically for [...]

Maria Fahrion, MA, LPC (Bilingual Therapist)

“I have worked in the mental health field as a professional counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia for over five years. Previously an educator, I was moved by my passion for helping others undergo their journey of transformation and healing. My philosophy of counseling is founded on the belief that individuals have the potential to heal and transform their own lives and achieve wellbeing. I also believe that counseling is a process, and that with work, time and collaboration, individuals can overcome the many challenges they face at any given time in their lives. I work with individuals of all [...]